Nike just released a new pair of trainers and they look like Crocs

A mix of black crocs and the new Nike trainer

Nike has unveiled a new summertime trainer that looks rather familiar to another seasonal shoe.

The sportswear brand just revealed its Air Force 1 VTF trainers – the newest edition of its popular Air Force 1 range – but people have been quick to call out their similarity to controversial shoe brand Crocs.

The Air Force 1 VTFs are made up of black leather, rubber soles and gold detailing, but, most noticeably, they have a slingback heel strap – echoing the famous rubber shoe design.

Somewhere in between a trainer and a sandal, the new shoe has all the same components of an Air Force 1 at the front, but it sports this unique sandal/Crocs hybrid at the back.

According to the product description, the shoes have ‘all of the elements of the classic look in a sling back design.’

The sportswear brand also says the elastic strap is ‘easy to take on and off.’ Stylish and functional, then.

The hybrid trainers are selling for $90 (£74), meaning they’re almost double the price of Crocs – which usually cost around $44 (£36).

Nike release new trainers that look like Crocs

Sandals-meet-sneakers (Picture: Nike)

It’s probably also worth noting that Nike are currently only selling in kids sizes, up to up to age seven – so bad news for adults look to get a pair.

Naturally, trainer fanatics have been quick to comment on the new design.

One Twitter user, Cealey Godwin said: ‘If Crocs and Nike had a baby it would most certainly look like this.’


Another found the Croc-inspired makeover hilarious, saying: ‘Nike have invented a sneak/sandal for the roadman. Nike airforce sandal.’

A mix of black crocs and the new Nike trainer

While some where just keen to express their absolute outrage over the new look.

Another Twitter user simply said: ‘This has to be a sick joke.’

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