Bumbags are a thing of the past, we’re now wearing necklace bags

Why wear your bag on your shoulder when you could be wearing it around your neck?

If you just about got used to fannypacks being trendy then you’ll have to adjust your fashion sense again, because necklace bags are now the it accessory.

A necklace bag is pretty much what it sounds like; a bag the size of a wallet connected to a strap that goes around your neck.

Models on the runway have been showing off the trend, and with major designers creating their own versions of it, we might just be seeing more people on the streets rocking the necklace bag.

Luxury brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Gabriela Hearst are set to drop their necklace bags after French brand Jacquemus brought out a few in their new collection.

A necklace bag might be perfect for festivals or even a night out when you can’t be bothered to carry a handbag, but need to take the essentials.

But judging by the size of the Jacquemus designs, a necklace bag might not fit your phone. For some reason, tiny bags are all the rage at the moment.

The French retailer has styled the bag on a male and female model, suggesting that perhaps the necklace bag could be the gender-neutral product that unites us all.

Whether you’re wearing a necklace bag with trackies or a dress on a night out, the small bags can hold your money, your bank card and perhaps a few bits of makeup… and that’s about it. Like we said, they’re pretty small.

The Jacquemus range comes in white and gold, baby blue or yellow.

(Picture: Jacquemus)

It’ll cost you a pretty penny, as the Le Pitchou leather coin purse is available for £198 on Matches while the Le Gadjo XS is up for £275. 

But hey, convenience costs.

We don’t imagine other designer versions will be any cheaper. But if the trend takes off, we might be seeing it in high street stores soon enough.

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