6 Skin Care and Beauty Rules to Follow at a Music Festival

Skin Care Tips For Coachella And Music Festival Season | HuffPost Life

Spring is here—and, for me, that means two things: baseball games and music festivals. I don’t have any festival plans (yet) this year, so I’m going to be living vicariously through Instagram posts for the time being. And while I’m slightly heartbroken about missing Garth Brooks at Stagecoach in a few weeks, I’m not going to miss a handful of things: dust inhalation, chapped lips, port-o-potties, sunburned shoulders and achy feet.

After attending Stagecoach—a huge country music festival in Southern California—three years in a row, I’ve learned a few music festival tips and tricks to help deal with these nuisances and more. So, for those of you attending a music festival this year, please learn from my mistakes and keep some of the following tips in mind.

Skin Care Tips For Coachella And Music Festival Season | HuffPost Life

1. Don’t stop applying sunscreen

Whether you’re the first one to claim a front-row spot or spending the day at the hotel pool until your favorite performer is about to go on, you’re going to be getting a lot of sun. Please—be smart and wear sunscreen. At the very least, re-apply every two hours (and every 40 to 80 minutes while swimming or sweating).

This means you should be bringing your sunscreen with you into the festival each day. Just be sure it’s a non-aerosol container, as these aren’t allowed at Coachella or Stagecoach.

Try: Soleil Toujours Organic Set + Protect Micro Mist SPF 30

2. Keep a lip balm with you at all times…

…otherwise your lips will hurt real bad. Name that movie. In all seriousness, this is incredibly important to remember. Not only can being out in the sun all day dry your lips out, it puts your lips at risk of sun damage. Don’t forget: Your lips need SPF, too!

Look for a lip balm that protects your lips while hydrating them, and apply at least every two hours (just like with your face/body sunscreen). I’d suggest opting for a squeeze tube over a stick balm, as it’ll be less annoying if/when it melts.

Try: EltaMD UV Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 31

3. Carry an empty water bottle in your bag

As if being out in the heat all day weren’t dehydrating enough, you’re (probably) going to be drinking alcohol both outside and inside the venue, which is also dehydrating. You’ll be able to find water bottles for purchase at just about every vendor, along with various water fountains scattered about—but both of these can be slightly inconvenient.

Instead of paying for water or trekking over to a fountain every time you want to take a sip, bring in your own water bottle and fill it up whenever you get a chance. Having it on you should make it a lot easier to keep yourself as hydrated as possible.

Note: Festival rules will vary from place to place, but at Stagecoach and Coachella, the rule is the same: no glass or metal allowed and your bottle must be 40 ounces or less. And because outside food or drinks aren’t allowed, you’ll need to empty it before going through security.

4. Be smart about your food choices

I followed this rule terribly last year. My Stagecoach diet consisted mainly of crab fries (beer-battered fries, topped with crab meat, cheese and some kind of creamy sauce), pepperoni pizza and beer. Don’t be like me.

Even though you can’t bring your own food into the venue, you can still make smart choices. There will be healthier food options that won’t make you feel like complete garbage 10 minutes later. And if you can’t resist the temptation (I feel you), maybe just eat junk in moderation.

You could also try mixing a vitamin and greens supplement into your water to make sure you’re getting at least some nutrients throughout the day. And since a supplement powder isn’t technically food, you shouldn’t have a problem bringing it into the venue.

Try: Super Greens Supplement Powder

5. Protect your hair

Between the chlorine in your Airbnb’s pool and the dry heat (and dust) in the air, your hair can get put through the ringer at a music festival. Thankfully, you can lock in moisture, protect from UV rays and minimize damage from chlorine with a hair-protecting treatment.

My suggestion: If you’re spending the day at the pool, give yourself enough time to shower and wash your hair before heading into the venue. You don’t want the pool chemicals sitting in your hair all day and night—especially if you have blonde hair! Use your hair treatment before the pool and after showering/styling your hair for extra protection.

Try: Rene Furterer Solaire Protective Summer Oil

6. Wash your face at the end of the night

You’re going to be exhausted, possibly intoxicated and definitely ready for bed as soon as you get back to where you’re staying. Whatever you do, do not lie down until you’ve washed your face. All the makeup, sunscreen and dirt you’ve been layering on all day needs to go.

If you’re feeling too lazy to wash your face the traditional way, try a micellar-water-based cleansing wipe. Micellar water is a time-strapped, lazy, minimalist dream: it cleanses, moisturizes and removes makeup in one step. No need for a washcloth, water or moisturizer. Wipe your face, and you’re ready for bed.

Try: Vichy 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover Wipes

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